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Electric cars on the market in 2019

The market of electric cars 2019 is going to be replenished with a wide range of new models that will appear on the market in the next year.

2019 will be a turning point in the history of the industry, it is expected that the last generation of electric cars, created by both experienced players and just beginning to work in this segment, will reach new heights in terms of the power reserve, 300 km (currently 150-200 km), capacity and internal equipment. The best representatives of the segment can travel on one charge about 450 km, and the most sports models can surpass the traditional supercars of the world of ice.

Jaguar electric cars

Jaguar electric cars 2019

Jaguar is presented on the market of electric vehicles 2019 model i-Pace, which is already on sale. I-Pace was officially presented at the Geneva motor show in 2018. By design, the all-electric car is similar to the F-Pace and E-Pace. In addition to the implementation of electric traction in I-Pace, many foreign publications in their reviews note a more effective layout of the internal space.

Kia electric cars

Kia electric cars 2019

The cost is about 39 thousand $, which is quite expensive. The market has already appeared reviews of this model. They are high cost due to the high cost of batteries used. Kia Declared electric vehicle power reserve 132 miles (about 212 km). It is inferior to competitors. However, this reserve is enough for the city. The hatchback has a small Luggage compartment (volume 281 liters).

Volkswagen electric cars

Volkswagen electric cars 2019

The cost of the e-Golf is about the mark of 41.5 thousand $. For this money, the buyer receives excellent build quality, rich equipment, almost silent movement, and reduced operating costs compared to the engine. Abroad is positioned as an electric car for the middle class.

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