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Electric Cars Benefits

Electric cars have many benefits over cars with internal combustion engines, and electric cars can be part of the solution to global climate change. Here we go through some electric cars benefits in addition to being the best fuel, from an environmental point of view, for a car.

1. They sound smaller.

The electric motor generally has a very low noise level. This reduces traffic noise. Some electric cars have a function that allows you to activate a sound at low speeds to pay attention to walking and bicycle users.

2. There’s electricity everywhere.

The electricity network in Europe is well expanded. Electricity is found everywhere-in every home, in every company, in power poles and along streets and highways. Strengthening an existing power grid for the installation of charging infrastructure is much cheaper than building a new gasoline or biogas station.

3. They require less maintenance.

An electric car has 30% fewer moving parts, which means that the vehicle does not require as much maintenance as an automobile with an internal combustion engine. Thus, the service for an electric car is both simpler and cheaper.

4. They’re cheap to drive.

Electricity is a cheap resource. The fuel cost of an electric car is about 1-2 dollars per mile. Reasonably modern petrol or diesel car costs about ten dollars per mile to drive.

5. They are effective.

An electric motor has much higher efficiency than an internal combustion engine. Of the energy fed into an internal combustion engine, about 62 percent turns into heat, 15 percent is lost in the idle, and 5 percent are drivetrain losses. Only 18% of the energy supplied is used to drive the car forward. In an electric car, 83 percent of the energy is used to drive the car forward.

6. They last longer.

In some cases, when car manufacturers build electric cars, they use as light materials as possible to reduce the weight of the vehicle. These materials have less risk of corrosion and the car’s body thus gets a longer service life compared to traditional cars.

7. They have an even torque.

An electric motor keeps the same torque from stationary up to high rpm. This means that the driver uses all the horsepower of the vehicle from the start. In a traditional car with an internal combustion engine, the engine must be alternated before it has access to all horsepower. The smooth torque allows an electric car to accelerate faster than many traditional vehicles.

8. They have better driving qualities.

In most electric cars, the battery is mounted in the base plate and it results in a very low center of gravity. It, in turn, positively affects the driving characteristics-the car is better located on the road, and blows will be easier to manage.

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