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Electric Car or Gas Car For The Future?

There are divided opinions as to what future solution should be the basis for the next generation of bilism; electric cars or gas cars.

It may well be both of them, but we don’t have to stay there.

The electric car has already established itself as the main candidate to become the replacement of the fossil car and all major car manufacturers are currently investing considerable resources in developing electric cars.

However, despite the strong position of the electric car, it does not seem to be given. In the discussion raises an interesting question: Does it have to be either or?

The simple answer is no.

Our current generation of energy is based on great Uniform Solutions. We have been able to store energy in other forms, such as oil, and then converted the raw material if necessary. Large power plants have produced large amounts of energy which have since been distributed to users. In other words, there has been a clear one-way traffic in terms of production and consumption.

But electricity production is increasingly decentralised. Several smaller sources produce energy for local needs, whether it is a household or a landscape, a municipality or a village. It is inclined to the fact that decentralization does not stop; it will also cover several areas than just production itself.

Then it necessarily does not mean that a solution is right for everyone.

An example of locally produced energy is the gastronome that produces biogas from the residues of the production. Another is the fuel from residues from the fish farm that previously operated the city’s bus services. These are local, decentralised solutions adapted to the local market but which could not be translated on a large national scale.

Gas cars can today be fuelled with carbon-neutral fuel; they can also be fuelled with vehicle gas which is currently not fossil-free. Electric cars can be powered by green electricity, but also understood by electricity that is not produced by climate-neutral methods.

We should not limit the discussion to what fuel we prefer but also how we want to arrange our future bilism. For some, perhaps, owning an electric car is the best, for others, perhaps, gas is more need-adapted. Renting a car for a certain period of time, either a longer time or an hour can become a better opportunity, or new collective solutions that challenge the entire private car.

It will take a new way to look at the energy snails of the future. Simply starting from a universal solution where a few large producers deliver to many small consumers is soon an outdated model.

The role of consumers in both energy production and storage will be greater. We are already seeing a growing range of solar panels for egnahemshus and in several areas are now installed two-way stations for charging electric cars that allow both storage of electricity that can then be sent to others and charging for the own car.

There are great opportunities to think more versatile when it comes to the energy solutions of the future.

Then the question becomes bigger than fuel, and much more interesting.

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